On May 4, 2014, Dancer's Turn ceased publication. It will remain online for reading but will not accept future submissions. Thank you for your interest in Dancer's Turn.


Dancer’s Turn
call for submissions and writer guidelines
[revised September 21, 2013]

Dancer’s Turn promotes a holistic view of dance artists as whole, thoughtful and active persons in relationship to the world and their communities. We publish longform profiles of artists, offering the world-at-large an accessible, powerful insight into the world of dance, one artist at a time.


General Guidelines

We envision a broad, diverse target audience for Dancer’s Turn. While intelligent and informative, the language and overall presentation of your writing should be accessible to a smart, general readership. Do not assume readers’ familiarity with dance jargon, theory, history, personalities or current developments. It will be your job to introduce sufficient information to help all readers enjoy and learn from the artists you interview.

We like writing on dance that examines large, often provocative issues in dance–and, particularly, beyond dance--through the prism of the individual dancer’s life and ideas.

Your writing should put the dancer in a larger context--personal, cultural, societal. What external factors have shaped this artist? Take this opportunity to learn and to teach us about something more than the current projects that an artist might wish to promote. Keep asking questions of your subject--and of yourself. Go deeper.

Here's a fun Elle interview with artist Carrie Mae Weems that might inspire you:

You might also enjoy the audio and video episodes of Always Get the Name of the Dog, featuring brief but useful tips on how to do interviews, from The Ohio State University on iTunes U. For a free download subscription, click here.

Also interview sources who have significant knowledge of your subject. Don't hesitate to ask these sources for suggestions of additional lines of inquiry to pursue with your subject.

Take photos, if you can, or get permission to use photos that the subject or publicist might provide. Always get the proper photographer's credit and any detail--persons appearing in the photo, title of work shown, and so forth–that will be used for a caption. We’re also open to linking to or embedding relevant video or audio material.


Before submitting ideas or materials, please review the following detailed submission instructions.

Currently, we are working without deadlines. Article proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis and posted to Dancer’s Turn as they are edited and processed for publication. See the end of these instructions for the email submission address.

We welcome your submissions of:

profile article proposals


completed drafts of profile articles 
(2,000 words maximum)

We prefer and prioritize original writing. Publication of previously published work will be rare, considered on a case-by-case basis.

Article copy and any other supporting text must be submitted in pdf or rtf format only. No exceptions.

Completed profile articles must be accompanied by your subject’s current bio (6 sentences maximum). Add a link to your subject’s Web site if readers can go there to find a longer, up-to-date bio. Please verify with your subject that this online bio is indeed updated.

Please also include a good headshot and/or a performance photo of your subject (jpg format). Secure and include a small selection of relevant photographs to further illustrate your text. We recommend at least 3-4 additional shots. For all photos, please include caption material, including identification of people in the shot and, where available, photographer credits.

We are happy to link to or embed relevant videos. Please include links or embedding code along with titles and/or descriptions if these do not already come with the video.

You can obtain all of these materials from your subject, your subject’s publicist or manager, or find them online to use with permission of your subject or the photographer. If you’d prefer, you may submit your own original photos or video, and we encourage you to experiment with these media elements where possible.

If we do not already have your own current bio (6 sentences maximum) and a good headshot of you on file, you must submit them with your completed profile.

If you are new to Dancer’s Turn, to be considered for our blog, please submit your bio (6 sentences maximum) plus your Web site or blog URL or links to one or two online samples of your writing. In lieu of online material, you may submit an attachment of one or two samples of your writing in pdf or rtf format only.

PLEASE NOTE: No articles will be accepted for editing and publication without these requested materials.

Email proposals or completed copy to:



Editor in Chief: Eva Yaa Asantewaa
Managing Editor: Troy Ogilvie
Art Director: Jazzmen Johnson

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